Mission & Outreach

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1 Peter 4:10

Lacey Presbyterian Church (LPC) is an active participant in sharing God's love throughout our community and on a global scale. Through God's blessings and the generous support of our congregation, LPC contributes to local, national, and international organizations through monetary and material donations and volunteer work. LPC honors the importance of outreach and mission by modeling Christ's love.

Thurston County Food Bank

  • Thank You, LPC! You continue to demonstrate your faithfulness in supporting the Thurston County Food Bank in our efforts to feed the hungry in our community.
    • In 2020, a total of $12,046 was donated by LPC to the Food Bank which enabled the Food Bank to purchase $108,414 worth of food and $822 was donated by LPC to the Other Bank.
  • As part of the Thurston County Food Bank services, LPC also supports the following programs:
    • ForKids Program - Provides low-income children in Thurston County with additional food items each weekend.  Prior to the COVID-19 restrictions, 3 to 20 LPC members volunteered to help fill bags for this program on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
    • Other Bank - Provides personal hygiene and household cleaning products to more than 13,000 low-income individuals each year.
  • LPC's  annual "Souper Bowl" Sunday canned food drive is held the first Sunday of February, coinciding with the Super Bowl.  In 2021, LPC collected 481 cans of soup that were donated to the Thurston County Food Bank.
  • If it is not convenient for you to get out and shop, please consider making a monetary donation - just write Food Bank on the memo line of your check for your cash donations.  
  • Did you know...every $1.00 you donate to the Thurston County Food Bank equals $9.00 of purchasing power for the Food Bank!

Habitat for Humanity

  • In 2019, LPC worked with Habitat for Humanity to help Kristi O’Brien and her kids earn the hours needed to get them into their new home. When the family was able to finally move in, LPC gave Kristi a house-warming shower.
  • Church members donate hours by providing lunches for workers and working at the Habitat for Humanity Store.
  • Prior to the COVID-19 restrictions, LPC was helping Gerardo and Yesenia earn the hours they need to get into their new home.

Mission Partner:  MedLend

  • Through your generous tithes and offerings, LPC helps provide support for  the MedLend medical mission to Uganda.
  • One of the primary efforts with MedLend's Ugandan Mission is to organize annual fistula camps, providing underprivileged women with free surgery and to teach the country’s medical students to repair fistulas.
  • In the video (on this page), Mike Nohr, one of the volunteers with MedLend's Ugandan Mission team, shares how this mission has been making a positive difference in the lives of the people, bringing hope to those who are suffering.

Mission Partner:  Annemarie Nechodom

  • LPC helps provide support for mission partner, Annemarie Nechodom, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia through your generous tithes and offerings.  
  • Annemarie has been a regular line item in the Mission & Outreach budget since 2017.  
  • Until a few months ago, she was working with the agency, El Jordan,  ministering to and training women earning their living on the streets of Santa Cruz.  Many women, children, and families' lives have been changed through this work.  
  • 2020 should have been a furlough year for Annemarie to come back to the U.S. to visit family and sponsors.  After much prayer and consultation with her sending organization, Avant Ministries; it was decided that Annemarie take a study sabbatical in Bolivia.  
  • You will see in the video (on this page) she has also had some exciting ministry opportunities during her sabbatical.  Despite the lack of masks in her video, you should know that Bolivia has been observing a very restrictive lockdown during the pandemic as hospital care and life saving treatments are not readily available in many areas.  
  • Please enjoy seeing and hearing about how you are making a difference in another part of God's world.

Quilts for the Kino Border Initiative

  • Quilts made by the Merry Stitchers for the Kino Border Initiative were sent off to Arizona in June 2020. 
  • The Kino Border Initiative is a binational collaboration administered by the Jesuits. It was set up to work with one foot on each side of the Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. 
  • Its mission identified the need for humanitarian assistance for deported migrants, the vulnerability of women and children to abuse and exploitation, and the opportunity to raise awareness about the reality of migration and its effects.

Hope Village

  • The goal of Hope Village is to temporarily house individuals experiencing homelessness and to provide transition time for guests to find good jobs and have the means to acquire permanent housing.  Hope Village is located on the site of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Olympia.
  • LPC has been actively supporting Hope Village with financial assistance as well as helping with “shower days” and donating food. 
  • In November 2020, LPC officially adopted house #2 in Hope Village.   LPC will be looking for ways to help the resident of our adopted home in a sustainable and reasonable way.  Our goal is to enable them to meet their goals and help them to learn they are valuable and worthy, just as God views them.
  • Some of the ways you may be able to help include mentoring, helping build resumes, helping with laundry, going for walks with the guest, assisting in purchasing/locating items needed for job development (for example, nice clothes for interviewing, job materials, etc.), or just sitting down with them, sharing a cup of coffee, and listening to their story.   
  • If you're interested in helping with this endeavor, please reach out to our Mission & Outreach team.

Hagar's Community Church

  • Hagar's Community Church is a congregation of the Olympia Presbytery inside of the Washington Correctional Center for Women.  
  • This unique church's mission is to be a "Sanctuary for God’s Beloved Exiles at the WCCW.  To give the individuals  incarcerated their own Christian community through which they might explore their spirituality and encounter the proclamation and experience of God’s love. "
  • Thanks to the generosity of the LPC congregation, we are able to donate to the Hagar's Community Church on a monthly basis and also as part of the Peace & Global Witness Offering held in October 2020.