Jenny Baxter

Evangelism & Mission

Marc Crooks

Finance & Stewardship

Dianne Foster

Assistant Treasurer

Cherie Hankal


Jerry Katt

Personnel/Call to Servanthood

Carol Merritt


Ron Moorehead

Building & Grounds

Sharon Moorehead

Building & Grounds

Teri Smith


Mary Telford

Hospitality & Fellowship

Chuck Tichenor

 Guided by the church constitution, the session is charged with caring for the spiritual well-being of the congregation and overseeing the business of the church. Together the session elders and pastor work to meet the congregation's needs.
Elders are typically nominated by the Call to Servanthood Committee, elected by the congregation, trained for their ministry, and then ordained to their office in a worship service. Together the session determines how to conduct the work of the church including committee roles.
Terms are for 3-years and may be extended to a second term.
Committees meet monthly, often  on the second Tuesday of the month.
Although the Elders are the head of the committee, congregational members are encouraged to be involved in the work of a committee that interests them. This is one of the best ways to become connected with and get to know other members of the church. To learn more, reach out to an elder, contact the pastor, or the church office.
We're eager to help you find a place to belong and to serve with us.


Building & Grounds
  • Overall maintenance of building and property
  • Elder: Ron Moorehead
  • Elder: Sharon Moorehead
Finance & Stewardship
  • Responsible for overseeing the books of the church, counting offering, and overseeing the financial status of the church
  • Elder: Marc Crooks
Hospitality & Fellowship
  • Plan and coordinate all church activities and special events as well as activities to witness to the community
  • Elder: Mary Telford
Mission & Evangelism
  • Oversees both local and global mission opportunities for the congregation
  • Elder: Dianne Foster
  • Plan and coordinate programs, education, and ministry  of children,  youth, families,  and adults. Also oversees the church library
  • Elder: Chuck Tichenor
Personnel & Call to Servanthood
  • Responsible for relationships between staff and congregation, and personnel reviews/ identifying and calling congregational members for service as elders or deacons
  • Elder: Jerry Katt
  • Plan and coordinate special and regular worship services
  • Elder: Cherie Hankal
  • Elder: Carol Merritt
Clerk of Session
  • Responsible for the recording session meetings and maintaining records of the church
  • Clerk: Bill Stutz