"I know the good plans I have for you," says the Lord.

Jeremiah 29:11

The youth of LPC are exploring their faith and what it means to know and follow Jesus Christ today.  
Through the video series How to Read the Bible by the Bible Project, we are learning to read and understand the Bible for ourselves, praying for the  wisdom and revelation that come from the Holy Spirit, seeking to grow in the love and hope that God  is calling us to receive!

Join us...

We meet every second and fourth Sunday  of the month following the worship service (11:10am to 12 noon).
Each week we will share @home activities related to our weekly discussion time.

Youth Sunday School 

     (@home activities for the week)

Jesus' Baptism and Patterns in Biblical Narrative
March 24th, 2022
During Lent we are spending time in the Gospel of Mark. We focused our attention on Mark 1:1-13. Mark introduces Jesus into the story as Jesus is baptized by John in the Jordan River. There is no explanation why John the Baptizer started dunking people in the river, except that it was for repentance. But what does this mean? ...
Who wrote the Gospel of Mark?
February 27th, 2022
Lent begins on March 2 with Ash Wednesday. This is a time when we think about Christ's death and resurrection; and that we, also, have died to sin and evil and begun new life in Christ. During Lent, we will be reading through the Gospel of Mark, focusing on the life of Jesus, and how we understand our own story as part of the larger work of God in the world. ...
A Hero's Journey
January 23rd, 2022
Stories often begin with a call to adventure where something happens that requires the hero to take action. But what happens when they refuse, or when they fail in their trials? How does understanding stories help us better understand the Bible?...
Exploring Ancient Jewish Literature
January 6th, 2022
Introduction to the Bible - Episode 4: Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature by the Bible Project | We each read the Bible through the context of our time and culture, but we can also learn to read Jewish Literature in the context of Meditation Literature written in a very different time and culture....
The Story of the Bible
November 28th, 2021
Introduction to the Bible - Episode 2: The Story of the Bible and Episode 3: Literary Styles in the Bible by the Bible Project | When we met earlier in November, we talked about the Bible as a collection of 66 + books, written by more than 40 authors over a period of more than 1000 years. With so much diversity, how do these writings relate to each other? ...

If you have questions, please contact the church office or any of the confirmation leaders.