Thrilling Thursdays: June 30 - Flowers & Pollinators

June 30 - Flowers and Pollinators

There are so many amazing plants, from giant trees to little flowers, from fruits trees to vegetables. Everywhere we look we see plants. As humans, we depend on plants for our very lives - the air we breathe, the food we eat, the shade and shelter we need. We will experiment with the power of plants, literally using plants to power a light bulb, and hidden power in seeds as they die and burst into new life. We will also get to explore the glorious beauty and function of a simple flower. All this flower power will culminate in our exciting project to create a wild flower garden that everyone can enjoy!
Have you ever seen a bee dance? Can you tell a bee where to find lunch? Do you know why a bee buzzes? Come learn all about these powerful pollinators and how important they are in our daily lives.  We will put our learning into action by dancing, buzzing and smelling like a bee. After all the active fun, we'll build our own Mason Bee houses and discover the creature features unique to this specific family of bees (like the fact that they don't sting!)
Join us for an incredible day that will stretch our wonder and awareness of the love God shows to us through nature.

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