Thrilling Thursdays: July 14 - Birds & Butterflies

July 14 - Birds and Butterflies 

Are you excited to continue our exploration of nature at Thrilling Thursdays? We sure are! This week we are focusing on Birds and Butterflies - officially called Ornithology and Lepidopterology, sub-fields of Biology.

Did you know that butterflies are social insects? Can we observe this behavior in nature?Throughout the month we are observing the entire life cycle of butterflies lived out in our little butterfly habitats. We have watched our caterpillars growing and now they are making their chrysalises. This week we will learn more details about their transformation, habitat and role in nature as butterflies, with special focus what will happen in our wildflower garden when they are released as adult butterflies.  
Have you every been bird watching? Do you know what birds are in your backyard? Can you recognize a bird by its song, even if you can't see it?  In addition to exploring the local birds, each student will build their own bird house. Students can take these home for birds in their own yard, or hang them in the wooded area of our church grounds (where they can visit and check in any time). Hopefully, we will all have baby birds in our houses next spring.  We will also learn about feathers, how they help birds fly, and what happens if they become covered with oil or other pollutants.

Join us this week, on Thursday, July 14 for more fun, more science and more celebration of God's creation!

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