Jesus Chooses his Closest Followers!

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January 9: Read or watch the story Let's Go! | Jesus Storybook Bible | page 208
Talk about these questions:
  • Where did Jesus go right after he was baptized?
  • Who came to him in the desert?
  • What did the snake do to try & trick Jesus?
  • What did Jesus say he would do?
  • How many helpers did Jesus call?

Download the handout and the coloring pages.

Let's Go Deeper! (for older kids)

Read in the Bible: Matthew 4; Mark 1; Luke 4-6
Consider these questions:
  • When did Jesus know he would have to die?
  • What did Jesus do differently than Adam when the snake lied to him?
  • What kind of people did Jesus choose to help him in his rescue mission?
  • What happens when a person meets Jesus?
Praying through this story
Thank you God that Jesus is the Lamp of God who takes away the sins of the world. Thank you that Heaven broke through into our world to bring about your rescue plan for the whole world.Thank you Jesus for your life and your baptism . Teach us how to follow you  in everything.  In Jesus' name, AMEN

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