The King of all kings

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December 26: Read or watch the story The King of all kings | Jesus Storybook Bible | page 192
Talk about these questions:
  • What did the Wise Men think the star was telling them?
  • What gifts did they pack up for the new king?
  • What did they do when they found the new king?
  • What did we learn about Jesus?

Download the handout.

Let's Go Deeper! (for older kids)

Read in the Bible: Matthew 2
Jesus was a new kind of king!
  • How was Jesus different from other kings?  (finish these sentences)
    • Most kings are rich, but on earth Jesus was   p__________ .
    • Most kings want to be powerful, but Jesus came as a   l____________   c____________ .
    • Most kings want to be in charge all the time, but Jesus came as  a    s______________.
  • What did the Wise Men do that shows they knew Jesus was the King?
  • What can you do this week to show that you know Jesus is King? How can you
    love Jesus and do what Jesus says?
Praying through this story
Thank you God for your amazing sign to the Wise Men to announce that King Jesus was born.  These kings from the east traveled very far and very long to find the new king. They bowed down and worshiped, even though Jesus was not the king of King they were expecting. You came to be a servant. Help up to always worship you! Teach us to be servants, like you were, to people around us.  In Jesus' name, AMEN

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