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November 28 | Introduction to the Bible - Episode 2: The Story of the Bible by the Bible Project
Youth Sunday School meets the second and fourth Sunday of the month following the Sunday worship service, from around 11:10am to 12 noon.  We are continuing our discussion based on  the video series from the Bible Project called Intro to the Bible.
When we met earlier in November, we talked about the Bible as a collection of 66 + books, written by more than 40 authors over a period of more than 1000 years. With so much diversity, how do these writings relate to each other?

Check out the video! As you listen, what surprises you?  What catches your attention? Bring your thoughts and questions to our next group. I look forward to some deep conversations.
This unified story of the Bible is written in a beautiful diversity of literary styles. You probably realized that a lot of the Bible is written as narrative story telling, in fact 43%. But did you know that 33 % of the Bible is poetry? Learning about the literary styles in the Bible can help us know what to pay attention to and what questions we should ask as we read the Bible.

Check out this video about the Literary styles of the Bible. What do you find interesting, maybe something you want to talk about or explore further as a group? 
In all this exploration about the Bible, remember that our goal is to know how to read the Bible, so we can better read and understand God's words to us.  I am praying for each one of you, for the Spirit, our teacher, to open your hearts and minds to all that God is calling you to. 
Next meeting: December 12 --  Intro to the Bible: Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature

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