What is the Bible?

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November 14 | Introduction to the Bible - Episode 1: What is the Bible? by the Bible Project
We are so excited to be meeting for youth Sunday school in-person again. We gather every second and fourth Sunday of the month following the Sunday worship service, from around 11:10am to 12 noon.  We will spend the next two months looking at the video series from the Bible Project called Intro to the Bible.
  • What surprised you in this video? What caught your attention?
  • Take a few minutes looking at the table of contents in your Bible and read through the list of the book names.
  • Think about what it might mean when we call the Bible the Word of God. We will explore this more in the coming weeks.
Dear God, Thank you that you have spoken throughout history to show us who you are, and thank you that you continue to speak today. Teach us to hear and respond.

As we come to learn about you, your Word and the Bible we have today,
help us to be humble, remembering that we don't know as much as we think;
help us to hear your truth, remembering that your viewpoint often feels upside down;
help us to do what you ask, remembering that we want to follow you in everything.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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